Welcome to my Driver's Education Student Portal

I created this site as a resource tool for parents and students I teach who are enrolled in StreetSmarts Driver's Education.  This is NOT StreetSmart's main website.  If you would like to enroll a student or have questions, please visit StreetSmart's homepage. 
StreetSmarts Driver Education
PO Box 71658
Clive, Iowa 50325
Main Office Location
9914 Swanson Blvd.
Clive, Iowa 50325
Office hours Monday - Friday
8-5 PM

My Current Class:

Open:  ANK-180.5: Ames-82   Feb. 4 - Mar. 4.   Note:  Feb. classes are on Tuesday and Thursdays  March 2 Monday and March 4 Final on Wednesday
            All classes start at 6-9 PM


The first night of class, all students will be asked to complete a quick form (LINK)  The form will provide myself and assigned diving instructors with basic information about the students driving experience.  Students also create a 6 digit code used for grading.  All student test scores will be published online using their unique 6 digit code, enabling parents and students to view their progress online.

ADTSEA Drivers Education Curriculum 3.0 (new)

ADTSEA Curriculum has 14 chapters.  We have arranged these chapters into 4 units.   At the end of each unit a test will be given covering all information covered in the units chapters as well as information covered by guest speakers and supporting video's.  Depending on time, Unit 4 may be included into the final exam.
Students will take 4 units test and a final (5 tests).  If time is short, we may have to change the format, so student take 3 Unit tests and a final (Unit 4 being included into the final).
Grading: Students must obtain a minimum of 75% on all tests given (average for all test and not individual tests).  If students fall below 75%, student may choose to retake any test 1 time ( highest score recorded) to raise their overall average to or above 75%.  If a student falls below 75% after retaking tests, they will be required to retake Drivers Education again.  75% grade average on all tests applies to the classroom portion only.  I reserver the right to add additional graded assignments as needed

Behind the Wheel is graded seperately by assigned driving instructor. 

If a student has a specific need for assistance, it is their responsibility to notify the instructor so assistance can be provided.

Classroom Instructor:
Todd Smith

I will only be able to provide assistance to students/parents enrolled in a StreetSmarts Driver's Education class I am teaching, otherwise visit StreetSmarts main site for assistance.




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