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District Technology Resources

  • Center School District Educational Technology (267)
    Welcome to the Center School District Educational Technology website. This site has been designed as a resource for the Center teachers. Its focus is to support teachers effectively integrate technology into classroom curriculum.
  • Harrisonburg City Public Schools (216)
    Our mission is increase access to learning by all students by providing technology-rich environments, professional development for staff on effective integration, and both administrative and instructional support. Technology empowers teachers to engage students and provide opportunities for communication and collaboration that can maximize the instructional process and thereby supports the mission of Harrisonburg City Public Schools - where learning has no limits and together we work for success of all.
  • Humble Indepenent School District (235)
    Classroom Resources
  • Lee Summit CSD (230)
    Lee Summit Instructional technology website resources.
  • Rockingham County (VA) Public Schools (241)
    The commitment of our 37-member team is to meet the collective and individual needs of our 14,000 technology users, supporting the division's mission to deliver an exceptional learning experience to our students.