Unit 1 Chapter 2 Start Page

Open link to video: Journey Safe

Unit 1 Chapter 2 Overview:

Chapter 2 Worksheet

Pre-entry Checks:
Behind the Wheel Checklist
First Drive-PreDrive CheckList

Protective Devices:
Car Safety Features
What safety features does your car have?
Drivers Ed: Car Saftey

Location, function and operation of devices and symbols found in a vehicle
Vehicle's Instrument Panel/Car Dashboard
Dashboard Symbols and What They Mean
Dashboard Symbols
Dashboard Worksheet Image
Dashboard Worksheet pdf

Pre-Drive proceedures
DMV Pre-Drive CheckList
Drive Right - Start up Proceedures and Drive Checks
How to adjust your driver's seat
Safe Driving Tips
Perfect seat adjustment
How to Properly Set your Side Mirrors
How to adjust your cars' mirrors
The Basics-AMG Driving Academy